AmazonLife designs, develops and markets sustainable products enriched with an added value.

The survival of tribal communities in the Amazon Basin depends to a large extent on rubber tapping activities; and rubber is actually the primary material used for the production of AmazonLife bag collections.

AmazonLife defends the traditions and culture of these autochthonous civilizations, promoting a sustainable lifestyle that strikes a balance with environmental protection.  

Via the purchase of vegetable rubber, AmazonLife ensures work to several families of rubber tappers – known in the local language as “seringueiros”, from the name of the rubber tree, the “seringueira”. Rubber tappers spend six months every year in the heart of the darkness of the Amazon rainforest, where they extract latex and process it by hand. The production of vegetable rubber is therefore the fruit of hard work and patience of local populations, who see in this product a valid economic alternative and a precious instrument to preserve biodiversity in their territory and prevent the merciless deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, which is about to collapse.


AmazonLife is synonym to social accountability, love for nature and respect for human traditions.

That is why it is sensitively and actively involved in a constant search for new opportunities that may further underline its mission.

In fact, it has recently signed a three-year license agreement with Amazon Rainforest Foundation Japan – member of Rainforest Foundation International founded in 1989 by singer Sting – for the exclusive use of drawings, symbols and images created by Indio peoples KAMALA, native civilizations of the Amazon rainforest. The dominant colors are red and black, the same colors that Indios use to paint their body, as a distinct sign of their individuality and membership to their tribe. Symbols and drawings express the most authentic values of local civilizations: beauty, individuality, membership, and a sense of freedom 


AmazonLife is the expression of simplicity, purity and of the values of nature; it is addressed to all those who understand the meaning of true style… a style that marries ethics, esthetics and quality.  


AmazonLife, approved by mother nature


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