“It flows slowly. it is a drop of nature that flows precious from his source, a virgin and wild forest tree, always a secret breath of the Amazon and the world “. This is how AmazonLife: unique and exclusive creations where fashion marries ethics, style to tell the ecology, giving shape to handbags made of TreeTap, the authentic vegetable leather obtained from latex of the rubber trees of the Amazonian rain forests. And not only. In addition to the rubber, parades full of pure charm, spontaneous eco-appeal, the canvas, natural cotton, woven jute, bamboo fiber. Even the sheets of disused trucks, recovered and enriched by cheerful floral embroidery.
Because everything in AmazonLife is natural and recycled, it speaks of returning to origins, instinct, earth. Also the coconut buckle that acts as closure, the button made from an old piece of wood, an improvised bone detail. Amazonlife is an ethical and different way of being “trendy”, nature in the heart of our metropolis, pure oxygen in the modern way to think.
Amazonlife is a responsible character, an attitude and a deeply aware behaviour that has its roots very far, in the Amazon. A “naturally” glamorous and eco-chic style, who chooses to dress seriously concepts such as ecology, sustainability, use of renewable sources.

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